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Eines der ältesten Elemente Von Zusatzausstattung, das während gesamter Geschichte des Auto- Bestehens verwendet wurde, sind Auto-Gardinen, die zum ersten Auto von Kutschen übergegangen sind.

Im Laufe des letzten Jahrhunderts hat die Entwicklung des Straßenverkehrs große Fortschritte gemacht, dementsprechend sind sich die auto-Gardinen geändert.

Aber zu jeder Zeit waren die Gardinen eine Lösung, die der Gemütlichkeit und komfort drinnen des Fahrzeugs ermöglicht.

Universal implementation of window tinting took on curtains. But everything is not so simple; in fact the window tinting is quite a “cold” decision, which visually shrinks the inner space of the car. In addition, let’s not forget about the limitations on light transmission of tinting in Russia and almost complete prohibition of tinting in some other countries. It should be also notices that it isn’t recommended to tint armored cars because of armored windows features. If on the street one pays attention to relation of number of cars with tinting and without one, it is simple to notice that more than 50 percents of cars are used without tinting of glasses. This implies that not everybody is comfortable with tinting. But from time to time the situations arise, when one wants to hide from the sun and strange glances. Please, try to put a baby in child safety seat and go for a spin in car with him in summertime. Or another situation – mobile multimedia. Various monitors – overhead, or mounted in headrests… The passengers are unadmirable. And once again the sun “disturbs”, car jam neighbors attempt to glance. Even the most impervious tinting not always comes to succour. While curtains are more preferable psychologically and practically. Because they create the atmosphere of comfort and coziness inside the car, create the mood, as well as emphasize the individuality of car owner. Curtains can be undrawn, drawn depending on the situation. Car curtains enable to decrease substantially the passenger compartment temperature during sun days. They also decrease the impact of ultraviolet radiation on materials of passenger compartment inner trim. The representatives of Spezo company told us as to the types of car curtains design.
This studio specializes in development, manufacturing of car curtains, as well as accessories and materials for them. The company fills orders both dealer centers, tuning studios and private clients. Now, what are SPEZO curtains sets? SPEZO car curtains are special profiles, which are installed at the both top and bottom of window opening, between which the curtain canvas, which is made of textile fabric, is installed on special hangers-sliders. For the manufacturing of curtains the company uses single-purpose textile fabrics of high quality, which have high stability against physical and chemical actions and they are characterized by high stability of shape. And it means that car curtains won’t lose color, stretch and deform throughout the service life. Constantly SPEZO company specialists work on the color gamma expansion of its textile fabrics in accordance with last trends in car fashion. A range of requirements had been developed by SPEZO company, to which car curtains should correspond, here are a few of them: minimal gap clearances between the curtain and car panels in curtain’s drawn position; minimal space, which is overlapped by curtain in undrawn position; the curtains must look perfectly in both drawn position and undrawn one; the curtains should highlight the car’s general features. As well as they play the role of car’s interior seamless component. There are a few types of curtains design, developed by the company. The standard curtains – the most simple and inexpensive solution, which are characterized by absence of some sort of pleats on curtains in drawn position. In general this type of curtains enjoys popularity from company’s European clients. Curtains with tucks are at one step higher.
This type is characterized by presence of little tucks (tucks) at the top and bottom of the curtain, which mime pleats at time of installation of the curtain on the tracks. This type of curtains enjoys popularity in Russia for quite the longest time. Also, the most difficult variant of car curtains manufacturing is the solution with pleats. This variant of curtains design differs from others ones by the presence of pleats from any curtain’s height. This curtains design very good suits cars with sport character and modern interior. All above mentioned curtains types can be one- or two-layer ones. Why are two-layer curtains used? We had already spoken about the fact that the curtains are manufactured, using specialized textile fabrics. The density of these fabrics is pick out in that way, so one-layer curtains would allow the light to pass, that’s why it is quite bright even with drawn curtains. When using two-layer curtains design, practically the light doesn’t pass at all, therefore the illumination level of passenger compartment is decreased considerably. Often, the car curtains are made in two-color design – on the inside the passenger compartment color fabric is used, while on the outside the body color fabric is. The curtains for buses and microbuses stand apart, the ones differ from above mentioned variants, primarily, by both their fabrication processibillity and installation. The curtains for buses and microbuses may have fastenings both atop and below, and only atop. There is also a selection among curtain tracks. They may be made of both spin-dyed ABS resin, and aluminum alloy. SPEZO company along with few European companies is engaged in development and production of tracks for car curtains. Company’s specialists use all the accumulated experience of curtain sets manufacturing in development of new types of profiles and their accessories. Professional designers take active part in development of profiles appearance. After all the tracks for curtains are integral parts of passenger compartment and must organically fit into present-day car interior. For the installation of tracks for curtains a few fastenings systems were developed, while the whole fixing system is hidden. Frequently, 3-4 types of tracks may be used in one curtain set. What type of profile has to be used - it is decided by the constructors at the stage of curtain set development. It may say that the type of the track is determined by both form and size of the surface, where the profile is installed. The sets are developed in the way, which would maximally ease the installation of tracks, decrease volume of works as to dismantling and assembling of passenger compartment. Car curtains can be drawn and undrawn both manually and with the help of electric actuator. Electric actuators of German production, which are offered by Spezo company are distinct in reliability, sufficient power and they do not require servicing. Practicability, convenience, care indiscriminateness, a wide choice of colors scores and design solutions, and the ability of installation on any car, practically, gave the chance to car curtains to achieve their honorable place among the auxiliary equipment of modern car and bus. Nowadays, Spezo company works closely with some dealer centers and tuning studios, while developing a whole range of solutions –from practical curtains for microbuses and rubberneck wagons to status solutions, which were designed for such cars as Maybach or Rolls-Royce, and the one is interested in list broadening of partners companies